Just Relax!

We recharge our phones and tablets when the batteries are running low. Likewise we should recharge ourselves with rest. In today’s society where everything is fast moving, it is hard to find time to relax. Some may feel that it’s an indulgence and a luxury. Finding the amount of rest that is right to balance out the stress and workload of the day is even more difficult.

Rest comes in many forms and sleep is one of them. An average person needs between 7 to 10 hours of sleep per night. The body will go into a sleep deficit if subjected to less sleeping hours than these. While a person may become accustomed to less sleep than is required, eventually their brain functions will slow. Other ways one can rest is by stretching, yoga, listening to relaxing music or lying down.

Resting decreases the risk of making mistakes at work because now that you’re rested and relaxed you are able to focus better. A well rested person doesn’t have bags under their eyes. They look more beautiful. They are less likely to get illnesses related to continued stress on the body like migraine, hypertension and stomach ulcers. Well rested persons get to organize their time better, so family time is incorporated.

The less tired and drained one feels, the less irritable and snappy they are. Rest improves psychological coping skills and puts one in a good frame of mind for a job they are about to perform. It facilitates better, healthier eating habits now that you’ve taken the time to slow it down.

Rest needed is dependent on many things including age, activity level, health status or overall levels of stress. These factors can vary from person to person. A physician should be consulted if you cannot find a balance between work and rest. Sleep studies can be performed which can guide physicians on the best treatment option, or referral to another health specialist.

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