Vote Kalekyehealth BAKE Awards 2018!

The Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) Awards recognize and award exceptional Kenyan bloggers in different categories. This blog has been nominated for best new blog in category 9d among other exceptional blogs. I am ecstatic about the nomination!

I am pleased with the blogging experience since starting the site and I’m always floored by the comments I get on social media every single day from my audience. It was pretty tough to build and get traction for the blog despite the fact that most people are not receptive of health issues. Using the strategies and information that I share with you through content on this blog, I’ve more than doubled my audience.

For those who take a moment and read through what I write on my blog, asanteni sana, thank you! The blog is actually nothing without you. This site is a culmination of blood, sweat, tears, a lot of learning and experimenting along the journey so that I can help my audience and the people they interact with live a littler healthier one story at a time.

Winning this award will be an achievement not only for me but for all the viewers. Please do take a look at the blog posts on the website and vote here Thanks

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