About Ms President Reality Show Kenya

The long awaited premiere of Ms President show is about to kick off on KTN. The show which will be a cross between Tusker Project Fame and BLAZE BYOB or Donald Trumps reality show The Apprentice is expected to bring with it a mixture of emotions, ranging from excitement joy, anxiety, tension, the works! Kenyans will get to cast their votes once again this year, but for their first female ‘President’ in a show born out of the need to groom women to be better leaders. Contestants from all over the country will be battling it out for the grand prize, business support, networking opportunities, capacity building, mentorship by both local and international players.

Never in Kenya have we seen a show that doesn’t discriminate against age and education levels. As long as there’s a woman with strong leadership qualities and a graduate of secondary school, then she’s game! For those outstanding women with very strong leadership qualities and even lower levels of education than secondary graduation, you’re not going to be left out! Have you ever heard of a 60 to 70 year old participating in a reality TV show? Very rarely. This will be a first for Kenya.

The 26 episode television series is all about the empowerment of the women in our society and seeks to kick off conversation about the need for more Kenyan women leaders to take up and provide leadership in all sectors of society including finding a lasting solution to terrorism and violent extremism. The show seeks to bring out the different strong characteristics in the different women contestants with an aim of positioning them for leadership roles in the country when duty calls.

Three partners Media Focus on Africa, The European Union (EU) and Muslims For Human Right (MUHURI) are collaborating towards the production of the show. Ms President reality TV show is borrowed from Maan Network and was first aired in Palestine Palestine to promote democracy and processes surrounding democracy.

Since ancient times, women leaders have led great empires and kingdoms. Who knows maybe in the near future Kenya will get her real president from this platform. After all, Americans got their president from a hit reality show The Apprentice. Women of all walks of life are urged to apply. For more details and to download the application here’s the link



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