Dancing For Fitness

Free style dancing combined with singing is an enjoyable form of exercising. More and more people are going to the dance floor to work out. Dance is the fun factor missing in gyms that makes dancing attractive. Besides being a great aerobic workout, dance tones the muscles and is also mentally stimulating due to coordination of movements. When done regularly, dance can replace cardiovascular gym workout.

Zumba is among the many fitness dance programs that has spread fast, but is a good thing unlike an airborne virus. Zumba has its origins from Colombia and involves dance movements performed to energetic latin and international music. With the salsa and rhumba beats come simple dance moves heavy on the hips and step counts. It’s a workout similar to step aerobics or kick boxing appealing to people who don’t like intense workouts because it’s fun and doesn’t seem like hard work.

Belly dancing originates from Egypt, and is common in Morocco and Turkey. It’s a slow and rhythmic dance with neck, arm, hip, abdomen, upper back, thigh and shoulder rotations and movements. The dancers while jiggling and wiggling their bodies are also getting toned abs from the muscle workout. Besides toning, the dance helps to jumpstart metabolism, weight loss, keep fitness and balance of the body and reduces stress. Some have termed it as a good prenatal regimen because the dance movements strengthen muscles for childbirth process. Read the signs of your body because the hips don’t lie, try out some belly dancing as a creative and healthy way to exercising.

Hip hop is a street based dance with upbeat movements such as bouncing steps, power jumps and hand stands that have high intensity and impact. The dance originated from African Americans in the 1970s. It is so much more than dance but an alternative cardio workout with aerobic benefits such as weight loss, reduction of blood pressure, reduction of stress. The dance routine boosts energy and heart rate. Hip hop is not for the faint hearted but once you get started, you can be assured that the calories will have their last dance!

Bollywood dance moves are based around Indian movies. They have high impact due to the leaps, bounces and side to side movements the dancers take. The dance fusses classical Indian steps Bhangra, with Latin and hip hop moves. The music is fast tempo as well as the group dance workout. Bollywood dance offers body balance and coordination, improves muscle resistance, tones the body and relieves stress. Although it’s Indian, the dance is designed for all people, age groups and ability levels.

Pole dancing is a sensual and fun way of exercising with both physical and mental benefits. A pole is used to dance around giving the upper body strength due to climbing, spinning and twirling with the use of hand grips, twists of knee, ankles and hips to the pole. This form of exercising helps tone the body, burns calories, improves body posture and reduces stress. Although pole dancing has been associated with strip clubs, over the years, it is shading this negative image as a great and popular form of exercise and the only one that can be done in heels!

Ballet is a choreographed formal style of dance which originated from French and Russian concerts. It’s a complex but graceful dance with precise movements that require discipline to muster. The focal point of this dance involves the rising on the balls of the feet or toes, turning out the leg at the hip socket and keeping a high leg extension to the front, back and side. Repetition of this exercise creates strength in the lower body muscles. Besides streamlining the body muscles, the dance helps with flexibility of the body and improvement of body posture. Despite being seen as a dance for snobs, ballet has over the years become accessible to the different members of society.

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