Domestic Violence: Victims Playlist


You might know someone who is abusing their child, girlfriend/boyfriend or spouse. Chances are that you might also know someone being abused; your neighbor, relative or workmate. Outside of the secrecy of home, the vast majority of abusers are law-abiding citizens without criminal records. However, the trauma that they inflict can last a lifetime

Taking a stand against domestic violence can be done through many avenues including music. There are lots of songs that spread awareness about the epidemic of domestic violence and child abuse. They help empower victims through their painful but impact filled messages. When the lyrics are woven together with a message, melody and harmony, it can create a sense of peace and calm and give victims empowerment and a boost to their confidence. They get uplifted because the songs reaffirm their strength giving them hope and courage for a better future.

Music can trigger a deep and profound change in survivors. This is the avenue that can reach the innermost self and lift victims up out of the depths of our despair. There’s s sense of familiarity with the characters in the songs with the possibility of taking a stand that will change the victims lives. Besides music, you can also be attentive. Lives may depend on you noticing and reporting what you see.

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