Want Fitness? Get Out!

One of the biggest problems of our century and society is physical inactivity. This is because of society’s obsession with acquiring wealth, prosperity and self-entertainment at the expense of their fitness. Technology has not helped matters either with gadgets operated at the click of a button or the turn of a key such as cars, computers or cargo lifting machines that have rendered many immobile.

While keeping fit and healthy is what everyone should aspire to, staying in shape can oftentimes be a dull moment due to the same tiresome predictable in routines in a cold gym environment. To some, running on a treadmill towards nowhere in particular and nothingness just doesn’t cut it anymore. This is why in order to stay motivated and have an exciting workout routine one needs to inject some fun and innovate a little into this serious task that is fitness.

One way of doing this is by moving away from the gym. Yes! You need to bring the gym vibe into your home or outdoors for a good and pocket friendly change. You can build your own personal customized gym at home with your choice equipment such as exercise mats, exercise ball, bands, and dumbbells among others. You can definitely skip gym sessions and membership if you can afford a gym station to develop a routine and schedule of your choice.

You can have some friends to work out with once or twice a week at home. Group workouts, more so with friends are exciting especially if they are fitness enthusiasts like you. This helps strengthen support and solidarity that should keep group and individual motivation on a perpetual high. The exercises can either be done indoors or outdoors.

Another way to work up a sweat without the inconvenience and expense of a gym membership is by downloading a fitness app through your mobile phone, iPad or tablet. You can choose hundreds of videos and tutorials to help you get fit and the music you want to work out with online. An advantage of e-fitness is that you can as well get your personal e-trainer of your choice.

You can work up a sweat with yoga exercises even if you’re a non Hindu or Buddhist. This form of exercise is great as long as one (who doesn’t conform to these religions) avoids the spiritual form of yoga which is different kind of journey altogether. The beauty of asana yoga (the physical exercise) is that one only needs a large space and a mat. Tension and stress is released while stretching the muscles. This time frees yogis away from the demands of life, among others.

Jogging or running are one of the oldest forms if aerobic exercise surpassing many fads that come and go. You get all the benefits of exercising without putting your body through a lot of strain. This weight bearing exercise helps one build strong bones and muscles, burn calories, keep healthy weight and improve the cardiovascular fitness. Aside from the health benefits, jogging helps improve psychological and mental health.

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